​Houdini Progressive Game

The Houdini is a 1 up card, when the Caller starts to call he/she will call a number like B-7, this means you cover B-7 and the reverse number O-70, if G-54 is called you will also cover N-45, is B-10 is called you will also cover B-1, if B-14 is called you will also cover N-41 and so on till you have a full card (called a blackout).

2o% of the Houdini game prize is put in a pot and grows at each event. The 3rd number called on the bonanza pre-call  is considered the Houdini Pot Ball, if instance if the number is 65 and you win the Houdini game on either 65 or 56 you win the progressive component to that game. If the number is 12 and you win on 12 or 21 you can win the progressive as well and so on.​

If the progressive is won, we carry on playing for the regular game prize.

​The Complete Sandwich pot is played on page 1 of the regular program starting at 34 numbers or less.

Once the pot has capped at $5000.00 a playoff will be scheduled within 14 days with the amount of numbers needed to win the pot  increasing by 1 number every 3 days until the playoff.


(Playoffs will be canceled if the pot is won before the scheduled playoff)