VBingo update for 5 Star Bingo & Pub
We are suspending our Afternoon Hybrid event and will resume with a regular Power play pricing program.
We will continue to offer a Thursday Evening VBingo/In Hall Play program.
Players who wish to join us from home will be able to join us 
at 7 pm for the Thursday Evening event.

** REVISED PROGRAM – We will be using a shortened 5 page program for the VBingo program. We have added 3 blackouts to the program.

The total payouts will remain the same but spread over fewer games so the prizes will be larger


The extra In-Hall games include:
4-page Mini Game (In Hall Only) $.25 per page.
5-page Nickle program with the page 5 Progressive (In Hall Only) 

Even Bettor progressive game (In Hall only)

In- hall only Progressive Bonanza

​Purchase up to 99 cards for In-Hall special games.

We are pleased to continue to offer VBingo to our VBingo players 
and offer in hall Bingo for our dedicated in hall supporters.

Nickles -  6-up-$2, 9–up $3
Even Better Progressive game (In Hall Only) $2 per card.
VBingo card pricing in effect.
6 -up $14, 9- up $21 and Double Action $2 per card.
In- Hall players will be limited on VBingo program purchases.
30 card limits on all VBingo games.

We look forward to seeing you in the hall!
Five Star Bingo & Pub – The Friendly Place to Play!

4980 - 25th St SE

Calgary , AB


  The rules of play are available along with your VBingo purchase. 


​Please make sure you click on the LIVE video to play!


Double Action Game

2 numbers in each square, when 1 of the numbers is called you daub the whole square.

A special game played to a blackout in our hall.

​​​​To go directly to our channel: Five Star Bingo Live, click on the link below: 

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The only number to call when you have a bingo is:


The Houdini game, when the Caller starts to call he/she will call a number like B-7, this means you cover B-7 and the reverse number O-70, if G-54 is called you will also cover N-45, if B-10 is called you will also cover B-1, if B-14 is called you will also cover N-41 and so on till you have a full card (called a blackout)

VBingo Card sales and prize pickup will be available at Lottery.


Afternoon -10:30 am - 3:30 pm.

Evening - 4:30 pm - 8:30 pm.

Same day card sales available until 30 minutes before the start of the event.

No half time purchase available on VBingo.

To speed your purchase up you can phone in your order: 403-248-8334

or place an order in the form below

and we'll have your cards ready for pick up

Please give us 2 hour notice on Email orders: