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The Houdini game, when the Caller starts to call he/she will call a number like B-7, this means you cover B-7 and the reverse number O-70, if G-54 is called you will also cover N-45, if B-10 is called you will also cover B-1, if B-14 is called you will also cover N-41 and so on till you have a full card (called a blackout)

VBingo is played on paper cards from the comfort of your own home streaming from YouTube on the FIVE STAR BINGO LIVE Channel.

All you have to do is come into Five Star  Bingo and get your cards, take them home and sign on through YouTube and get ready to win BINGO!

 Working in partnership with AGLC and Bingo Alberta.

 The creation of V-Bingo has allowed the bingo industry of Alberta to continue to raise money for many licensed charities that found the opportunity to raise funds was greatly reduced due to the shut down of live bingo events.

Thank you for your support!

Card sales and prize pickup. 

On afternoon events, Please give us an hour after the event  to pickup prizes. Thanks

DAILY  10:30 am - 5:30 pm.

Friday 10:30 am - 9 pm.

Same day card sales available until 30 minutes before the start of the event.

In hall pick up only at this time. Cash or debit.

To speed your purchase up you can phone in your order: 403-248-8334

or place an order in the form below

and we'll have your cards ready for pick up

Please give us 2 hour notice on Email orders:


 Card pricing:    1 - 6up - $14.00       1- 9up - $21.oo

Double Action Special $2.00 a card

Double Action Game

2 numbers in each square, when 1 of the numbers is called you daub the whole square.

A special game played to a blackout in our hall.

 We begin our 10 minute countdown to the start of bingo around 15 minutes before the hour. With the rules of play being approximately 5 minutes. It should let us start calling the first game a little closer to the start of the hour instead of 8-10 minutes past the hour.


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